We offer 4 different types of Intuitive readings; Past Life, Health, Past Life Relationship, and Business. These readings are not psychic readings that  foretell the future, but rather they focus on the past and the present. We recognize that each person has free will, and so the future is not set in stone. Your thoughts create your future, and therefore a change in your thoughts today will create a different tomorrow. A facilitator (conductor) guides the reader (intuitive reporter), who is in an unconscious state. This technique, similar to the one Edgar Cayce used, removes interference from the conscious mind, thus yielding a high level of accuracy.

Past Life

By comparing past and present life experiences, we may see similarities in karma. This may help us evolve and avoid repeating mistakes and self-imposed limitations. The reading begins with a summary of the past life most relevant to the present one. It concludes by focusing on present life themes and how they relate to the past.   


Whether you are seeking to be more financially abundant, energetic, or successful, it all begins with your thoughts. This reading reveals negative thinking patterns and how to transform them into expansive thinking. You will learn of any imbalances in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies. We then offer suggestions for improvement.

Past life relationship

This reading includes the elements of a past lifetime shared by two people, revealing why the partners were brought together again in a subsequent life. The reading emphasizes what each person may learn from each other as well as the dynamics of their relationship. The reading includes information about the present life themes and how they related to the past.  


We help businesses improve by giving a detailed account of what is going on within all facets of the organization. The reading offers practical information such as the best ways to market your services and increase revenue, as well as spiritual guidance such as the current mindset and attitudes of the business.  Imbalances and challenges will be identified, as well as suggestions for improvement. This reading is recommended when you are the sole proprietor and the business has its own identity. 

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The Team

Patrick and Kathryn Andries met while studying metaphysics, and their shared interest in self-growth blossomed into a deep love and marriage that is going on 18 years. They created Intuitive School in 2002 where they teach metaphysics and offer intuitive readings. They encourage each individual to make choices in alignment with his or her mission rather than influencing students to follow a particular doctrine, or philosophy. They are co-authors of the book Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed.  They have authored 6 other books on the topic of life purpose, self-development, the mind and relationships. Kathryn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and a holistic health practitioner degree from Body Mind College in California. She completed extensive studies in the intuitive arts at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, the School of Metaphysics, and the American Federation of Astrologers. Patrick has a degree in physics and biology from DePaul University and a certificate of advanced teaching in metaphysics from the College of Metaphysics.

How it works

Read the descriptions and choose your desired type of reading.

Pay for your reading and complete the form with your contact information. You may write up to 7 questions on the reading form.

Once we receive your request we will set up a time to meet on zoom if you wish to be present. Otherwise we will send you the completed recording.